About nyzHOME

關於 大都匯紐約地產資訊網

nyzHOME is a unique real estate site to provide local Chinese immigrants and overseas buyers/inventors insightful information about New York Real Estate.

Waves of Chinese buyers and investors are coming to town, but ironically, there are no Chinese websites deliver updated New York realty market information to service them. Non-English speaking Chinese buyers/investors have no choice, but completely rely on real estate agents to get their information. nyzHOME fills the gap. It provides Chinese investors/buyers with up to date market information and helps the American real estate community to reaching out to them.

nyzHOME provides first-hand realty information, including market trend, insightful interviews, Who’s Who in NY Real Estate, neighborhood news, recent sales, hot deals, as well as, real estate gossips. The nyzHOME team consists of Chinese New Yorkers with extensive experience in media and realty. It makes sure the site is the best of its kind.

To American developers and brokers, nyzHOME offers a bridge to reach Chinese immigrants and overseas buyers. For various opportunities, please fill out our form at Contact nyzHOME.

大都匯紐約地產資訊網 nyzHOME 的目標簡單而明確:為本地及海外有興趣在美國紐約置業及投資地產的人士提供第一手的房產市場訊息。


地產投資的地域性十分重要,紐約地產資訊網 nyzHOME 是由長期生活、工作在美國紐約的華裔創立,了解這裡多元豐富的文化,可提供第一線的業界訪談、社區實地考察、市場分析等等。更重要的是, 紐約地產網 nyzHOME 提供第一手的房屋訊息,幫助買家在投資或購買紐約房地產時,作出最佳的選擇。紐約地產網 nyzHOME 更包括一些關於名人房產的花邊小道新聞,為新聞資訊增添娛樂性。

大都匯紐約地產資訊網 nyzHOME 希望大家早日找到合適的房地產!